Project Update

Work continues along Meadowhall Road where most of the concrete flood defence wall is now constructed and brickwork and copings are being added. Concrete walls and bases are still under construction at a couple of sections and work is being undertaken at weekends to stay on programme. Hadfield Bridge will be reopened on the weekend of the 27th October and traffic management will be scaled back at the same time along part of Meadowhall Road in line with the Christmas moratorium requirements. Currently, however, traffic management is still in place restricting the flow of traffic to one lane each way.

Work to a river opening along Carbrook Street will commence next week and this will require a partial temporary footpath closure along Weedon Street next to Artisan Stone. Pedestrians will be safely diverted into the road around the works.

The River Stewardship Company (RSC) has completed its programme to treat invasive species. This will be repeated next year. A large crack willow tree situated on the river bank close to East Coast Road recently collapsed during bad weather and was reported to the RSC. Members of the team with expertise in tree surgery removed the fallen branches which posed an increased flood risk using specialist equipment.

Volunteer days continue to be held every Tuesday to remove litter and debris from the river and riverbanks.

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