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The new flood defence wall at the downstream end of Meadowhall Road (FA/Sharp Consultancy site down to the Transport Interchange) is now complete and traffic management will shortly be removed in that section. Overnight on Thursday 26th October, the red and white mass barrier and fence will be replaced by cones which will keep the lane closed until Saturday night, 28th October, at which point the closure will be removed and the white lining on the road will be reinstated so that on the morning of Sunday 29th October there will be one lane running into Sheffield from the transport Interchange and two lanes running out of Sheffield from the FA/Sharp Consultancy site.

A flood gate has been installed on Hadfield Bridge and the bridge will be re-opened to pedestrians on the morning of Monday 30th October. The footpaths running adjacent to the flood defence wall are currently being resurfaced though the section from Hadfield Bridge downstream to the crossing at the transport Interchange will remain closed until further notice. A pedestrian diversion will be in place from Hadfield Bridge.

Upstream of the FA/Sharp Consultancy site towards the junction with Meadowhall Way, work is ongoing to complete the flood defence wall. Much is already constructed, clad with brick and topped with copings but there remains some concrete work to be completed. Traffic management will be kept in place along this section of Meadowhall Road until work is fully completed; this could be up to mid-December. The car park at the FA/Sharp Consultancy site will soon be reinstated as work there concludes and Carillion move off site.

There is some ongoing work to openings along Weedon Street currently which has necessitated a footpath diversion next to Artisan Stone. The footpath is not closed though parking may be more restricted as a result.

23This week’s volunteer day was held at Norfolk Bridge and in addition to litter picking, the team waded into the river to remove large items of debris from the weir and islands.

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