Project Update

The downstream section of Meadowhall Road from the County FA/Sharp Consultancy site down to the Transport Interchange no longer has any traffic management in place so there are 3 lanes of traffic flowing in and out of the city. The flood defence wall is complete in this section and Hadfield Bridge between Meadowhall Road and Meadowhall shopping centre is open to pedestrians.

Work to complete the upstream section of the flood defence wall between the County FA/Sharp Consultancy site and Meadowhall Way is continuing. Construction has been a 7 day per week operation for several weeks in order to complete the work on schedule. Narrow lanes are in place along this stretch of Meadowhall Road.

Other than the outstanding work along Meadowhall Road described above, all other sections of construction are complete save for snagging and finishing works.

Excavation work is being undertaken around man holes on Weedon Street. This has necessitated a footpath diversion into the road.

18Despite the rain, there was a great turnout at this week’s volunteer day along the river at East Coast Road. Several volunteers waded across to the islands where large amounts of debris had accumulated. Others cut back crack willow and cleared litter from the footpath and river bank.

New volunteers are always warmly welcomed and there are tasks to suit all. Contact the RSC for more information.

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